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2023  Pop Up at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, NY

2023  Art Cafe, Nyack, NY

2023  Modern Druid, Nyack, NY

2021   7FOUR7 Designs, Santa Barbara, CA

2020 Group Exhibit at Threyda Gallery, CO

2019   Live Painting at RoCa Art Center, NY

2019   Resident Artist, Ascend Yoga Festival

2018   Resident Artist, Wanderlust Yoga Festivals

2018   Live Painting, Cosm Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

2018   Solo Show, Pomona Cultural Center, NY

2017   Impact Art Gallery, Chelsea, NYC

2016   Divine Shakti Arts at Garner in Haverstraw, NY

2016   Solo Show, Art Cafe, Nyack, NY

2016   Divine Shakti Arts at Garner in Haverstraw, NY

2015   Solo Show Stanton Yoga, Manhattan

2015   Group Show, Rockland Center for the Arts, NY 

2015   Solo Show Valley Cottage Library

2014   Solo Show, Art Cafe, Nyack

2014   Solo Show, Saffron, Nyack NY

2013   Solo Show, Vincent’s Ear, Nyack NY

2012   Mandalas, Lift Yoga Studio, Nyack NY

2011   Focus on the Figure, Hopper House, Nyack NY

2010   Complete the Circle, Ramapo College, Mahwah NJ



A.A Santa Barbara City College, 1998

Ramapo College of New Jersey, BFA, 2010

Life Drawing Sessions, Hopper House 2011- present

      Jamie Baldwin Gaviola paints intricate mandalas through a synthesis of technique and flow that equate to a meditative process. Deeply saturated hues are applied in rhythmic pattern with a near-compulsive attention to precision & detail to portray a sense of

gravity and movement.

    Her paintings have been called 'mirrors, portals, and

tapestries of the unseen.'

She paints them with the intention to recall interconnectedness of all things to the mind of the viewer. Gaviola has exhibited extensively in NY and has collectors in the US and abroad through her significant online presence.

     She has been actively practicing Yoga & meditation for over 20 years. Her inspirations include aboriginal dreaming, fractals, spiritual architecture, geometry, quantum mechanics, Carl Jung, cymatics, micro organisms, nano-technology, nature, and inspired texts describing unity.



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